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Wild dogs can have a significant detrimental affect on the native fauna in an area as they are carnivores who prey on native animals and birds.  Wild dogs can hunt in packs and therefore are able to attack larger animals such as sheep and cattle.

Foxabbit can provide wild dog control services.


Trapping - Soft catch traps are positioned on your property to catch any wild dogs present.  A Foxabbit representative will monitor the traps on a daily basis.  The typical trapping program is 14 days. 


Shooting - Rural properties are usually also suitable for controlling wild dogs by shooting.    Foxabbit can provide spotlighting  services.


Baiting - 1080 baits are buried on your property.  Wild dogs are inquisitive animals and will dig up and eat buried baits.  Burying the baits ensures that non-target native birds and animals will not accidentally take the baits.  Some sites will require a free feed period to assess if non-target species are in danger of secondary poisoning.  Bait sites are checked regularly by a Foxabbit representative.  All baiting programs require approval from the Department of Primary Industries.  Approval is not given for baiting programs in urban areas.


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