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Rats and mice

Rats and mice can be controlled using approved baits (domestic or commercial).  The site will be assessed as to the most appropriate bait for the situation.

Typical areas requiring rat and mice control include stables, feed sheds, domestic houses, commercial buildings, etc.

An intensive baiting program is carried out until there is no longer a visible rodent presence.  Then a monthly maintenance program is recommended.

Young male rodents remain with their family until they reach sexual maturity.  Then the dominant male will force them to leave their family territory.  The young males will attempt to create their own harem of 3 to 7 females.  Rodents are neophobic (fear new things) and therefore follow distinctive scent trails left by previous rodents. 

Maintenance baiting ensures that any young males moving into an area because they are attracted by the existence of female pheromones and the diminishing urine markings made by the deceased dominant male are dealt with.

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