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Rabbits can be found in most areas of Australia.  

Rabbits are declared a pest animal under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (Victoria).    Landowners are legally responsible for rabbits on their properties and required to prevent the spread of, and as far as possible, eradicate any rabbits on their property. 

Foxabbit can provide a number of rabbit control services.


Poisoning  - Pindone oat bait is used.   Pindone is very safe and has an antidote - Vitamin K.  A Pindone program runs for 16 20 days (length dependent upon the weather as Pindone is a water soluble poison).  Initially, free feed oat baits are laid using a Pindone laying machine which cuts a shallow trench and lays the bait at the same time.    Rabbits are attracted to freshly dug soil and so this gets them started on the free feed oats, which in turn gets them started on the Pindone poison oats.   A Pindone poison bait program will usually account for 96 98% of all rabbits in an area, if targeting and placement are correct.  Rabbits can, over time, be completely eradicated using follow up Pindone and fumigation programs. 

Properties suitable for Pindone programs range from large residential properties to larger properties such as golf courses, cemeteries and farming properties.  The Pindone trail is always put in the rough on golf courses so as to be as inconspicuous as possible.   Poisoning is most successful in the late summer / early autumn period because other sources of food are in short supply and rabbits will travel longer distances than they will during winter.   

Pindone information sheet


Fumigation - Rabbit warrens can be fumigated using Gastion Tablets (Aluminium Phosphide).  These are placed down all rabbit holes in the warren system, activated with water and holes are filled in so no gas can escape.  Gastion is a very humane method with rabbits being disposed of in their holes.   Rabbit dens should be fumigated whenever any activity is noted.    After fumigation, the  warren sites are then checked a fortnight later to ensure that they have not been reactivated.


Shooting - Rural properties are usually also suitable for controlling rabbits by shooting.    Foxabbit can provide spotlighting (night time) services.

Successful rabbit control will involve an integrated program using a combination of control methods.  Once rabbits have been eliminated from an area, all harbour for rabbits should be removed, including ripping any warrens.

Other factors which help control rabbit numbers are natural diseases going through the rabbit population:. e.g. Myxomatosis and Rabbit Calicivirus.  These natural occurring viruses are seasonal and weather dependant.  Myxomatosis will only work with the right weather conditions and also the right vector: e.g. mosquitoes or fleas.

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